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The Dead Will Rise First

The Dead Will Rise First - Logan Kain I fail to comprehend three things:1. Why a book with a blurb that begins so brilliantly (I still haven't read past the first line) exists without being in my hands right fucking now;2. How it's possible for a zombie book to have a cover that great and a title that funny, at the same time;3. What the hell this life is, anyway, if an author this immediately awesome can even be alive without also being my life-partner.I'm going to go read the rest of the blurb, now.and a taste of the first chapter, just to get a sense of the——aaaaand i just finished the book.right.well.here we go:fuck Christianity, and fuck you if you think a million soup kitchens outweighs the suffering of a single Matthew Shepard, anywhere, ever.that's pretty much the thesis of this book, and if I were this author's professor, I'd have given him his doctorate with my phone number and "lets make out" scribbled at the bottom of his paper with the "a" in "make" replaced with a big fat red heart.anyway, the story's good.I can't believe I need to specify this, but it is not MM, and not romance, so the focus is not will-timmy-see-the-love-in-cody's-eyes-in-time-for-prom.it's a satire of the apocalypse, okay?and it's really good. funny, and clever, and more and more intelligent the more you think about what happens, to whom, and when.it's self-pubbed, it's got various egregious line-editing errors, and at least two moments that made me roll my eyes [both betraying a uniquely American grasp of what's physically possible after catastrophic injury].and y'all know that is a particular irritation to me.it's got problems beyond those, too—but still: look at them.four stars.why?because those embarrassing errors cannot compare to the laughs, the disgustingly self-aware squicks, and the references to classic genre cinema.it's fun, in other words.because of passages like this:I couldn’t be strong anymore. I tried to be, but I couldn’t. Inside, I felt something fall. Not down, but in and forever, like looking into a trick mirror that goes on indefinitely.and because of the gloriously sharp zombie finger pointed at all things religious that SOMEHOW offer the excuse to hurt people HERE AND NOW on the basis of an I.O.U for eternal love and kindness SOME OTHER TIME, conveniently AFTER YOU ARE DEAD.which, you know, bonus.***PS: matthew... i never forgot you, matthew, and nobody who loves me ever will, either.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Shepard