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You Get Full Credit For Being Alive

You Get Full Credit For Being Alive - Cari Z. Almost—but not really.The bad:- First-person awkwardness. Describing yourself giving someone a "stricken look" makes you sound like a drama queen. Or a teenager. Same thing, really.- American action-movie logic-fail. Why use your brain, when you can use a rocket-launcher instead? The ending is a clusterfuck of dafuqery and silliness.- Fucking, with condoms. While married. Irritating political correctness is irritating.The good:- Margo. She's way fun, if a touch cliche.- Nice set-up. Hey, pop quiz: you're a retired contract killer needing to keep a low profile. You find a hot cop near death on your property. Do you fuck him on the spot, let him die, or both? Read on to find out.- Good visual storytelling. Cary Z. has great instincts. Some of the scenes are devastating in their pathos, and others are just plain awesome to imagine. It's hard to write scenes while thinking in three dimensions. Cary Z. can do it, and when she does it here—it's really cool.My favorite was the scene on the lawn, toward the end; still smiling about that one. I'm eager to read more of this author's work.