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Lies and Consequences

Lies and Consequences - Kaje Harper Fun, exciting, and romantic, with engaging leads.I began reading with no preconceptions, so when the sweet-natured romance plot flirted with suspense I went with it, but I pined for the simpler and (frankly) much more pleasant romance.When it then veered into a slightly silly action thriller, I wished the book had stuck with the suspense plot.On the upside, Harper's writing is excellent. I was far and away hooked in the first couple pages; she's got a great ear for dialogue and a polished flow to her prose. Some of the action sequences had me racing along to see what happened next.She's got chops. I can hardly believe she's as good at writing romance as she is at writing an action thriller—but she is.The genre-meld was not successful in this case, but I have a feeling this is an author who can only get better.This is an impressive bit of writing and I'm sure to read more from Harper in the future.