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The Other Guy

The Other Guy - Cary Attwell This thing starts off so intensely funny it's like a shock-and-awe campaign: Operation Rolling Chucklethunder.But once you get into the meat of the story, you find a certain number of troubling things to consider:1. A delusional MC too chickenshit to do anything but wait for his life to deteriorate around him.2. A kind of oddly anachronistic, condescendingly fustian attitude towards sex that produces a situation where two grown men circle round one another sniffing one another's balls—but heaven forfend actually fucking—for months, without any indication that this is in any way HIGHLY IMPROBABLE or at the least UNIQUELY EXCITING, as per a two-headed calf or kitten born with a disapproving face.3. The odd moment where you read something that you're not sure is a joke, but sort of assume probably is, as when Emory squawks "this is untoward!" when his lover piles into the same bed. But as per point 2, they lay quietly after lights-out, holding hands but six inches apart, until they drift off to sleep.4. The above was after a funeral, granted—but I can tell you the last thing I wanted after my last 3 funerals was to be any distance whatsoever from the one I loved. And while that is an edge-case scenario—where my experiences almost certainly do not align with everyone's—it is hardly so fringe as to sound that crazy, either, given a libido like dead lizard, like Emory's, or one like a fire in a henhouse, with starving wolves gathered round waiting for the timbers to cool, like mine.5. WTH were we talking about, again?But if you ignore the sundry headdeskery of some truly gothic sexual politics and some slightly alien ideas about Whose Life Is This, Anyway, you'll find the kind of scary-good word-smithing that makes a lesser talent weep in despair. For Cary Attwell is, if not the reincarnation of a Lesser Bronte, at the least supremely gifted with a sense of comic timing, and the kind of literary instincts I find enviable.This book is funny, and touching, and frustrating as all fuck—but I inhaled this puppy all the same, with "untoward" relish, until I collapsed into bed to sleep at 6AM.Chastely.