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Dirty Pirate

Dirty Pirate - Kyle Adams annoying as fuck.what a grand thing it must be to live your life as an American, cozily ensconced in the Judeo-Christian morality construct while simultaneously doing exactly as you please like everyone else.what poisonous hypocrisy.how do you go from casually slut-shaming gay dudes—a particularly common sport in MM, where it would be reviled in MF, naturally—to then idly wondering if your new friend has big muscles and fantasizing about licking him from head to toe while you grind what you have inexplicably decided to call your "noodle" on his beefcake body?how can a short story pack in so much hypocritical sexual politics in so little space?and that's another thing.story. there isn't any. the blurb isn't a teaser—it's a fucking summary.first half: why I am wholesome and not at all like those other, dirty, slutty gays, disguised as an all-about-the-boy meet cute.second half?why i am going to play power games while engaging in an extended cockparty wherein we take turns fellating one another while pretending this is not at all the sort of thing I normally do.yeah.it's that obvious.50/50: sex is shameful and I am not at all interested in it except to remark how hot you look today/please keep sucking my balls and comparing them to fresh fruit, because that's not odd at all.you don't get to have it both ways.you can't be wholesome and unsullied while still being perfectly willing to smut it up like a normal person.nobody goes to the gym to "feel their best." they go to the gym to look hot so people want to have monkeysex with them.the subtex here is vile, psychologically poisonous, and so completely false as to inspire in me a need to go fuck something in the eye.pure, bloody-minded belligerence was the only reason I completed reading this excrement after I realized that I hated it. i needed to finish it so I could hate it all.