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The Tentacle Monster Everyone Wanted

The Tentacle Monster Everyone Wanted - Evie Kiels This was awesome—and I'm pissed-off about it.CrankyJoolz™ is cranky, and he wants to tell you why.This story was great, but it could have been amaaaaaazing.I liked Kip, and loved Aniket, even though he was largely a superficial character of no discernible depth.The premise—a world accommodating of betentacled anthromorphologicals with an appreciative market for their unique... er, talents—was frustratingly sketched-out, and not fully-drawn.To clarify, I'm not referring to length.I'm talking about girth.Substance. I wanted more. I wanted more astonishingly entertaining tentaclesmexin' and wayway more of Aniket.The voice was clean and sometimes very nearly beautiful, but the ideas were the real star of the show—one heinously lazy Great Miscommunication plot device notwithstanding.The problem is that the wonderfully imaginative beats came and went without ever staying long enough for me to enjoy them.I'd have given this one four stars if it hadn't turned out to have been the biggest cocktease since I dated that superhot 'str8' bartender with the English bulldog and a fetish for Dominican boys in tight clothing.As it is, it was so much fun I gave it three, despite wanting to call it nasty names for leaving me high and—Well, dry.Just like my bartender, this story was hawt as fuck—and gone too soon.