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Mongrel - K.Z. Snow oh, bugger.first time I've ever been torn 'twixt one star rating and another to any degree worth bothering with a decimal.fanule's a wonderfully inviting main character, and the more I read of him the more I wanted to know of and/or have sex with him.the setting is terrific. not as richly drawn as I'd have liked, but here and there are marvelously descriptive passages that made me want to run around learning about (and/or having sex with) everything.the secondary characters were powerfully enticing creations as well. from marrowbone the vampire to wossiname the bounty hunter with the libido of a rabbit—never mind the dismembered hedge-witch and her cat—both, sadly, deceased—there is much to admire, and many delights in store for the reader of whimsical fictions.so that's the good—but then there's the bad.it's a long list, but it's basically a list of different examples of the same problem: wildly extravagant similes that make no sense whatsoever.it ruined my enjoyment of anything else, because it snatched me right out of the story like a vaudevillian hook—and usually as I was preparing to have sex with something.I spent the last two thirds of this novel cringing and wincing, waiting for the next crushingly bad line to bring the story to a clattering, clanking halt with a metaphor tortured so recklessly as to go far beyond the mere purple into a Right Proper Eggplant.a measure of restraint (such as what inexplicably prevents me from a crisply vicious accounting of the thorough notes i took on this matter) would have permitted me to rate this a three—or even a four.but my joy in the otherwise fine and playful wordsmithing to be found in this book was quite mortally wounded by poor editorial choices, so as to sadly keep me from being able to say I enjoyed this much at all.if only.all the delicious pieces were there—just drowned in literary ketchup.two point five stars, and damned if I didn't really, really want to love this.perhaps having sex with something will ease my pain.