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My biggest passion is my passion. It's really big. Also my penis. Really big also. Like my passion.

Keeping Promise Rock - Amy Lane THE MOTHERFUCKING FEELZ.This is my third Amy Lane book. From reading those three and perusing her catalogue, I've come to the following conclusions:1. She's not always so good at naming these things.Before I read a word of her, I was turned off by odd, off-putting, or juvenile-sounding titles. I've been kicking myself ever since, for allowing that to get in the way of enjoying her writing.2. She's got some serious storytelling Kung-Fu.Serious. Legit-legit. Like, weeping onto your e-reader serious. Like, laughing so hard you fart, serious. Like, never forget the words so long as you live, serious. The girl's got a gift, and it manifests in spectacular plenitude throughout. This, friends, is an absurdly compelling story that will gut you as easily as it will require a change in underpants.3. The girl can write.Thus I bow my head in prayer: O My Lord in Heaven, You should probably proceed to bestow Your divine beneficence upon somebody else, for verily she has her bloody share, obvs.I am in love with Amy Lane.