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Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price Best one yet, and probably my favorite in the series.Poignancy—both in pathetic, telling little details like Doc Martens and safety-pin piercings and huffing whippits in the cafeteria kitchen (which, WTF, why have I never tried that?), and in the crushing sense of inevitable loss built into the story by the structure: present-day characters, twenty years ago, when they were young, scared, and more or less completely unaware of how beautiful they really were.Or of how fragile their companionship would prove to be.And—hayyyyyy—the sex is way better in this book, too.Turns out a wishy-washy, neurotic hero is okay, so long as he's also the baddest badass of them all—even as you gaze into his wary, hooded eyes and see the skinny, Docs-wearing, desperately vulnerable youth he'd like to pretend he never was.Recommended.