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Dark Edge of Honor - Aleksandr Voinov, Rhi Etzweiler Cunningly-wrought plot. Almost gorgeous in its symmetry and opportunity for satisfying conflict. Predicament so dramatically fertile, it could easily have powered even more delicious tension for another hundred pages.The voice in the prose was more playful than what I've seen of Mr. Voinov's catalogue before, and while I haven't yet read any of Ms. Etzweiler's work before this, I assume it is a product of their collaboration. While I prefer and very much admire Voinov's typical efficiency—as my own early work suffered from an unfortunate enthusiasm for extravagance in both tone and style—I find I have an enduring fascination for what the happens to Voinov's razor-sharp and ecumenical prose when passed through the prism of another writer's own distinctions.But never mind my nerdery—this thing was fun. Also? Dragons in space. Fuck yeah.