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My biggest passion is my passion. It's really big. Also my penis. Really big also. Like my passion.

Still - Mary Calmes Same Great Taste, New-Look Package!This one features smexy heroes in the over-40 set, but otherwise it's got all the usual stuff, like the Canonical Calmes Chorus of Supporting Characters—only two of whom are children, this time—with the requisite number of sassy yet loyal personal secretaries, shouty-alpha tantrums, and hilarious hetero-normative hijinks of all kinds.Another classic from the master, then, and it's great like it's always great: two irritatingly good-looking people making intensely stupid decisions based on plainly flawed logic and unreliable data, in defiance of the gods, the aggregate good-will of the aforementioned Chorus, and your fervent desires—with amazing fucking and a happily ever holy god I almost typed that all out.Romance-crack, basically. Gimme Just One More Hit, Man, Just. One. More.So, try it. It's delicious. Even if one of these adonae was so stubborn for so many pages I began to wish it had been me with the pyromaniacal window of opportunity.***A word about fucking.You may insist that men cannot fuck one another in the ass without "preparation."You may insist this because some people really do prefer bony fingers "scissoring" all up in it, and graduating from one-two-three-OKAYNOWCOCK.But I must strenuously object, for once and for all, that an asshole is not made of play-doh; that when a man sticks his dick into your ass and fucks it in and out and ejaculates inside you and then pulls out, you are not then left with a cock-shaped orifice gaping slackly while his seed runs helplessly down your thighs like sex-diarrhea or love-menses or what-have-you.An asshole is not a vagina. An asshole has a sphincter. It's called the rectum, and it's pretty awesome.Because it closes.So when your lover finally erupts into your pillaged pleasure-passage with his torrential two tablespoons of yummy fuck-mayo, it's not going anywhere unless you want it to.Unless you push it out yourself, y'see.Rather like how your intestines don't tumble out into the bowl if you should happen to lose your focus during a bowel movement.Nothing goes in or out of your butthole without your assistance, barring either rape, dysentery, or food poisoning—and I leave it to you to decide which of the three is worse.Carry on.