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My biggest passion is my passion. It's really big. Also my penis. Really big also. Like my passion.

His Holy Bones - Ginn Hale staggeringly brilliant—BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHY:you will not understand what is happening for a good part of this series as a whole.but, listen—it's so fucking good, who cares? Scene after scene of thrills, chills, and blood that spills—and, anyway, that's part of the fun, isn't it, waiting for the reveal? waiting for it all to be made clear, trusting that the author will carefully lead you into a dark forest, along a twisting path, until at last you emerge, blinking in astonishment, into a clearing of perfect sunlight bathing a world of beauty and wonder?ginn hale delivers, here. this is an astonishing series of works.she sets it up. and then she fucks your head sideways, until—after many traumas and catastrophes of perfect dramatic conflict—you are permitted that one shining moment of understanding, when all at once the sheer scale of the story you are about to finish is at last utterly and completely known to you, and you say to yourself in the middle of the night you've helplessly sacrificed to finally find out how it all turns out:"holy fuck—what a story."***once you've read this—and not a moment before, mind—visit astrid amara's illustrated rifter cliff notes.