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E Llewellyn Follows A Predictable Path

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Y'all remember our good friend, the utterly charming Elizabeth Llewellyn/Karen Hathaway Pittman? The author who bullied one reviewer into removing her review on GR and then resorted to racial slurs against another reviewer? The one who posts harassing comments on reviews on Amazon?


How could we forget her? Well, she has decided that she is the victim and her FB page has this posted:




Yee-ah and then if you go to the ABAB page:



Flagrant harassment-does not mean what Karen wants it to.

Grimmy Goes To Town.

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I've been reading about Chuck Wendig and how he's a gatekeeper on the kboards, or how he's chastising and saying awful things, and why should you care if anyone else produces dreck?


So I'll say what I've said from the start, which is if you don't care, neither do I.   I see many authors, self-published authors, who will not care about editing and say they can't afford editing, and also complain that people - people like me - don't give self-publishing authors much of a chance, if they give them a chance at all.  


I hear, 'just read the samples', 'what do you expect for ninety-nine cents or even three dollars', or some form of argument that amounts to me going through a slushpile that wouldn't make it past editors at publishing companies.   I'm not interested; I have better ways to spend my time, in fact, than reading hundreds of samples to find a well-edited, professional book when I can find that elsewhere.   


Or in other words, you can't have it both ways.   If you want me to consider self-publishing seriously, take your profession seriously.   The fact that so many authors are cheerleading mediocre, half-assed efforts only encourages me not to turn to self-published books for my reading needs.  


I've found some self-publishers who are amazing.   Talented, edited, professional, and even courteous.   But the majority do not fall into that category, and I am unwilling to put up with sifting through unedited manuscripts.   If you, as you claim, want more people to read self-edited books, then stop putting the onus on the readers.   Stop telling us it's our responsibility to make our way through the labyrinths of poorly edited, and unedited books, to find those.   Stop trying to shame us because we have books we know we like, published by a company that has minimum standards; you try to shame us by pointing at us and telling us we're not putting in the effort.   And therein lies your problem: for some of us, it's just so much of an effort to find anything that does meet those minimum standards in the self-publishing community.   Stop telling us that only the good books will survive, as clearly that is not the case because unedited manuscripts that read like the author knows english as a second or third language - to be generous - wrote it become bestsellers.  


If other people want to read that, want to waste their time searching for the diamonds in the rough, so be it.   I do not.   And I refuse to do it.   Not only that, horror of horrors, I refuse to be shamed for using my time wisely and sticking to what I like - from brilliant traditionally published books, to self-published books my friends with great taste recommend, to horrible monster-porn that makes me laugh it's so bad.  


I'm certainly not going to see the light of sampling all day long just because one more author who doesn't care about their product, and doesn't want to spend time or money editing their books, tells me that the samples exist.  I know.   I'm still not even sampling your books for a reason. 

my apologies

i have just joined booklikes—and immediately set about importing all the thousands of books and reviews i've posted on goodreads.


sorry about the kruft in your timelines until the import process is over.



After Midnight

Recovering from Life - Debra McKenna Slam-dunk.Waiting for this revised edition was torture—but so, so worth it.After Midnight is a gritty post-apoc dystopian with compelling characters, terrific action, and mind-warping UST like a car crash caught in slow-mo by a Russian dash-cam.The idea of being slammed up against a wall was never so sexy as this.Pass me a smoke, bitchez: I'm officially #TeamFrost.Recommended.
Warchild - Karin Lowachee es que lo quieroooooooooo
This Little Whatever - Nicole Forcine *eyebrows up*When the faghag is described in the blurb as cruel and possessive, a measure of wariness is in order.Still... Theater people! Gotta love 'em!**not really.
Jackson's Law - Vanessa North sexy, funny, subversive—and fun.this is pretty great. lots of subtle little reversals of typical MM cliche, PLUS smexytimes, and the occasional hilarious line to boot.subtly layered writing. backstory just casually mentioned here and there, quietly adding depth of meaning to absolutely everything.but sneaky-like. like a ninja would.like this: how is it a dickish lawyer manages to be kinda sweet and goofy, too? despite being all swaggery and yeah-you-know-you-want-it-y?it's in those moments of unguarded self doubt. when a look passes over his face, and for the briefest of moments you see the 15yo kid he used to be.ninja-writing, obviously.i live.it felt male. it felt true. it felt... well, it felt like some shit i would have gotten up to.i enjoyed the hell out of it.honestly, i don't even understand why you're still reading this when you could be reading that.go.it's free, and it's pretty awesome.
A Boy's Own Story - Edmund White read this in the womb. will re-read and then BLOW YOU ALL AWAY WITH MY PARTS OF SPEECH INCLUDING ADVERBS AND EVERYTHING
Hostile Beauty - Vanessa North Yo quieroooooooooooooooo

Bad Idea

Bad Idea - Damon Suede WANT. WANT BAAAAAAAAAD.
Reverting to a Wild State - Justin Torres Savagely beautiful.Worth more to me right now than anything I could say about it to strangers.Read it.
Intrigue At The Crowned Jewel - IceraMyst This thing is so huge it took FLAG nearly two minutes to convert it into an ePub for me—and crashed the site widget the first time it tried.BOOK I COMMAND YOU TO BE EXCELLENT

The Kind Of Friends Who Murder Each Other

The Kind of Friends Who Murder Each Other - Chris Rhatigan fearless, and inevitable.exactly what its title suggests, and all the more satisfying for it.comma splices are used to mash-together thought after thought, one on top of another like crooked, impatient teeth in an unfortunate mouth. it works beautifully.you just want to be numb. you think you just want to be numb. but the conclusion belies that theory:what you really want is to be seen.
Gumption & Gumshoes - Alex Kidwell gormless & grumplestiltskin.one (1) babbling idiot with a nervous condition+one (1) hot but grumpy chubby chaserxa riveting, high-stakes investigation into the horrifying crime of creative accounting typical of the dark underbelly of the suburban dry cleaning industry=dullity, dafuqery, and a DNF at 35 percent.YMMV, obvs.

Acquainted with the Night (Siren Publishing Menage Amour Manlove)

Acquainted with the Night - Tymber Dalton whatever, this is happening, deal with it.
Falling in Love with Crazy - Dane Waters This sounds bananas.