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Winter Wolf : A Werewolf Romance On Snow

Winter Wolf : A Werewolf Romance On Snow - S.P. Wayne i don't always drink beer. but when i do...hey! wtf! shifter book begun on a lark turns out to be awesomesauce? what fresh hells...?writerly nits i am unable to refrain from picking, thusly spoiler tagged that you may freely ignore them if you so wish:- breath he didn't know he was holding- poor line-editing (even a misspelt character name: 'leader' instead of 'leander,' twice)- head-hopping- oddly out-of-place characterization of a big ole bunyonesque lone wolf (ha!), replete with simpering giggles and teenaged emotional distress- slightly too-demure sexin, because c'mon: past a certain threshold of IDGAF, us gay and gay-adjacent boys, in the woods, no vagina for weeks, nobody around for miles, again, for weeks, attraction in the air like chemical warfare—PLUS booze?!?—oh, we fuckin'- a clumsy beginning that almost made me put the fucker down and walk awayBUT!check out all this awesome stuff!- wonderful banter- beautiful, jack-london-esque descriptions of the setting that served to highlight the isolation and hard-won parameters of our hero's current existence alone in the wilderness- a truly engaging MC, and a nicely-drawn, semi-douche (and thus deliciously imperfect) love interest- sly humor, served hot and pert- lovely UST that had me helplessly grinding my junk into my mattress- a vision of werewolves that actually makes a lick of sense, devoid of nearly all the power games and dominance play some people are completely obsessed with but not me and look i'm totally not judging okay so hey let's not send me hate-tweets plz kthxso.yeah.problems. soooooo many problems. and yet—somehow—this book took me so far out of my own head i forgot about the sekret pain i've been nursing for months.legit-legit. i was on that goddamned mountain with those boys.simply lovely, and nuanced, and evidence of an irritatingly fulsome literary talent i can't wait to enjoy again.and there are seeeeeeeequels!!!