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My biggest passion is my passion. It's really big. Also my penis. Really big also. Like my passion.


Protection - S.A. Reid,  T. Baggins Compelling, more than a little beautiful, and sad as fuck.A little clumsy in the beginning; musically measured in the middle; and nearly perfect at the end, which I found almost literally stunning.I didn't see it coming, and I'm glad, because it felt real—as real as the best of what came before.I'd have preferred not to have been in Gabriel's head at all; for it to have been purely Joey's perspective all the way through. It would have heightened the violence of the opening scenes, and rendered the whole a kind of elegiac portrait of MacKenna through Joey's imperfect sight.Still.Powerfully touching, with some passages ascending to the sublime.***I've read the coda.I found it moving, and superfluous, and profound, and silly.But I remain: destroyed.I had to stroke a cat until the blubbering stopped.