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Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock, #1)

Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock, #1) - Anne Tenino Nik's a douche. Deluded, stupid, hostile little douche.Making him the lead is probably a mistake, but surely was loads of fun to write—the lengths to which he goes in order to ruin his own happiness are astonishing.Sadly, it seems only Julia Roberts can play a neurotic fetchingly, without making you want to end her with a hatchet.But, hey—the rest? Sparkling! Wonderful narrative voice, an impressively pure example of the prototypical romance, and a love interest who is, quite simply, a physical manifestation of ass-fucking, in jeans.Seriously. He's Herr Fuckmenow.You invite seething dislike anytime you write a character stupid enough to spurn the attentions of Fatherland's Pride 100% Pure Aryan Beef with Special Harley Davidson Sauce.His fucking name is Jurgen Dammerung! That's, like, almost exactly what it sounds like when you gag on a man's cock.Even though Tenino didn't get away with it here, the rest is quite staggeringly competent, and funny to boot.Make sure you are alone and have your favorite solo-happy-time accoutrement to hand as you hit the 80% mark.Especially towels. You'll need them.I certainly did.