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BTW I Love You

BTW I Love You - Nico Jaye Attend to me, for this will be one of my rare and baffling Affectionately Bad Reviews.This was sweet.Sweet like candy.Like a lot of candy.I was delighted by the techno-dating plot point. The story begins by asking a fun question about a modern idea: is it possible to feel so much for someone you've never met?Yes, in my case.Oh, fuck yes.But as adorable as the main characters are, and as engaging as the author's sense of humor was, other parts of this story were not as successful for me, and mostly because I am really, really crazy.Jake is beautiful, rich, smart, sexy, patient, thoughtful, kind, loving, athletic, and pierced.He also drives his awkwardly chaste, ginger-kid internet-boyfriend Aiden to his palatial and tastefully-decorated abode in a $200,000 SUV—and yet the one and only thing to drive me nuts in that whole big bag o'coolstorybro was the idea that a 21-year-old man would happily have next to no sex life for seven months and calmly expect the same from his painfully naive lover.On account of high-speed internet access and Skype.*closes eyes and pinches bridge of nose, plainly waiting for Xanax to take effect*But.If the worst you can say about an otherwise sweet-natured and pleasant romance novella is that the main characters are just too wholesome to suit you and your bitter, bitter, cat-infested, 7-years-friendless-and-romantically-barren life, you should probably just eat a fucking cupcake and settle in to wait for El Señor to take you away from this place on the wings of angels who all bear a marked resemblance to a young Rob Lowe.Alternatively, you can be a normal person and enjoy the hell out of it, while the poisonously ranty and clearly unhinged Spinster Dominican awaits the onset of his diabetic coma.Up to you.And the little basil plant made me squee like a goddamned ninny.