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What Comes To Hand

What Comes To Hand - Tripoli my face. NOW WITH BONUS FOOTNOTE! omfg you should have seen my face.the last 30 percent of this quick and dirty read was......wow.the word I'm looking for here is:WHEEEEEEEEE!!!it was disgusting and unhygienic and more or less horribly unsettling—but that's what the authors wanted, innit.because the tenderness and emotional investment in the beginning was expertly coordinated, so that by the time all hell broke loose and the tables were turned on the poor narrator i may as well have been this mewling innocent about to get defiled by some pompadoured greaser on a motorcycle.I haven't whimpered that much since first-time buttsex.*wistful sigh*good times.anyhoo, it's like those American horror movies kids all love to hate—but go see in a stampede all the same.because being squicked-out is fuuuuun.so stare the reviews boldly in the face and get your québécois profanity dictionary out so you can stand up and shout:J'MEN CALICE!!!*...cuz I heartily recommend this.so long as nobody ever tries any of this at home.ever.mon dieu! tabarnak!seriously. don't try any of this. at any time. on anyone. ever. okay?cuz even the mildest bit, the bathing of the genitals in alcohol? that shit burrrrrrrrrrns, as any tacky-assed Dominican boy who's ever gotten ready for a night on the town but stopped to stare speculatively at first his bottle of cologne and then the junk shrink-wrapped in his sateen bikini briefs can tell you.and one other thing.can i tell you i actually leaped out of bed to give this thing a standing ovation when the buttfuck began with anna-one-finger-two fingers-three fingers-FUCK?forty billion points for accuracy, people. forty billion points._______________________* "I don't care about your chalice." basically IDGAF but with double-plus-plus québécois scorn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabarnak