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My biggest passion is my passion. It's really big. Also my penis. Really big also. Like my passion.

Nothing's Missing Now

Nothing's Missing Now - Westbrooke Jameson Nothing happens.no drama, no tension, no conflict.everyone is perfectly loving and understanding.that's pretty much a hanging offense as far as fiction is concerned—if there is no antagonism, there is no protagonist, ipso facto, thanks for playing, here's a list of ingradients I got off a can of matzoh ball soup.which would be more interesting.if there's nobody to root against, in other words, you have no reason to root for anyone.if there's nothing standing in the hero's way, nothing preventing him from getting what he wants... why the hell would you care what happens to him?and it's a shame, because there's the occasional really-nicely-turned phrase to indicate the talent's there. wouldn't hesitate at all to give this author another shot.but there's no story, here.never mind the remarkable characterization of a tattooed-former-model-cum-blow'd-up-marine as a man who inexplicably suffers the same inane sexual neuroses as a 13yo Jesuit.example? here. supportive bf: let me kiss you.marine: um.supportive bf: is this okay?marine: um?supportive bf: I'm kissing you now?marine: ok.[they kiss]marine: what if mommy finds out I am thinking about someday wanting to explore the idea of wondering how to make sexytime with you?mommy: [behind them, avidly watching them the entire time they suck face] you boys go on up and have a good time.marine: ew.[sexytime, but, like, a whole other day later—after a discussion, a good night's sleep, and more discussion in the morning]supportive bf: I love you?marine: um. ok?THE ENDbedtime stories have more drama than that.