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Infinite Jest: A Novel

Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace Life-altering.Does for the English language and the definition of what it means to be an American what Citizen Kane did for cinema.Some of the most riveting two million words I've ever read.And probably the most hilarious 800 pages of footnotes I have ever read.I've never been the same, since.A friend once told me that the only appropriate response to a person who calls you or your work "genius" is to calmly and clearly enunciate the words "go fuck yourself."Make of that what you will, but when DFW committed suicide, that's the only response I could make to any and all queries for a week.Enjoy his masterwork. I did.Further notes:1. Read this one on an e reader. You'll need to summon the dictionary often. Hilarity often ensues.2. Apple and Oxford specially commissioned DFW (and other notable authors of the day) to compose the entries for their iOS dictionary. So once in a while you'll run into a pretty funny definition (anywhere, not just this book) written by DFW, on iPads and iPhones.