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Downtime - Tamara Allen OMG I'm in the 1800s. Wait until twitter hears about this—O NOES! Stupid cellphone. Y U NO HAZ SIGNAL???It's grating to spend time with a character so dense he was as likely to blurt out something that could alter the course of human history as he was to reach for 21st century identification to soothe the suspicions of a 19th century constable.The sex scene was an embarrassment of ill-considered plotting. By which I mean orchestrating a scene that involves two men taking turns diddling one another under a blanket—hiding their bodies as much from the reader as from one another—is not a very satisfying conclusion to nearly 200 pages of unfulfilled sexual tension.The Ripper was obvious and I found myself quite simply incandescent with rage at Morgan—of late sucked into the 1880's by means of a stupid grimoire nobody can name or describe to anyone's satisfaction—ultimately accepting his H.G. Wells moment only to draw a hard and fast line of incredulity between himself and Ezra's extra-sensory powers—which brought him to the fucking past in the first place.A massively irritating litany of WTFery and headdesking.But lawwwwwwwwd, that Ezra was adorbz...