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My biggest passion is my passion. It's really big. Also my penis. Really big also. Like my passion.

No Boundaries - Alex Mar This is my gracious loser face.Not only did Alex Mar snag my desired LHNB prompt because I was all slow and talky-talky instead of quick and grabby-grabby—she friggin' nailed it.I AM SO ANNOYED.This is a terrific erotic vignette. Deft and sparing with the details—where they are, what they're doing, who does what to whom—the deliberate holes in the setting invite all kinds of marvelous conjecture.Great lines and lovely imagery—ach, I wanted to Break All the Things for jealousy.And then hot sex?With really lovely characterization and subtle tension and——AND an extra-clever bit of cephalopod biology thrown in for erotic effect?Motherfucker!Annoyed. SO ANNOYED.Highly recommended.